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Refuges and Bivouacs

The Val Grande has not much accommodation. With limited number of beds, these shelters are made recovering old huts, but perfectly and harmoniously inserted in the valley natural environment. In some cases, they are not yet renovated huts, useful only as an emergency shelter.
Their care also depends on you.
We always suggest to call the Bodies or Associations of shelters' and bivouacs' owners to make sure of the actual bed availability.

Alpine Refuges

The shelters are kept structures, equipped with mattresses, blankets and the possibility of food provided by the manager. Their opening is not guaranteed during the whole year.

Trontano (VB)
Parpinasca Mountain Hut

San Bernardino Verbano (VB)
Fantoli Mountain hut Ompio alp

Intragna (VB)
  • Pian Cavallone Refuge
    Loc. Pian Cavallone
    Manager: Lorenza
    Ph. +39 0323/407482 - +39 334/9894081 (Lorenza)
    36 beds. In winter, the winter shelter is always open downstream of the hut
Piancavallone Mountain Hut

Cossogno (VB)
  • A.N.A. Casa dell'Alpino Refuge
    Alpe Prà, Cicogna
    Ph. +39 0323/53326 - +39 0323/571329 - +39 339/2669347
    15 beds
Alpe Pra' Mountain Hut

Bivouacs in the Val Grande National Park

The Park's bivouacs are unattended facilities that are always open (with the exception of the Pian Vadà bivouac, collection of keys is at the park authority upon reservation), all equipped with a wood-burning stove for heating and cooking food. The wood should be consumed very sparingly, also thinking of those who will come later, especially on rainy days or in the coldest months. Whenever possible, we also invite you to contribute to the wood supply by going to the woods and by collecting branches and logs that are on the ground, placing them inside. It is necessary to have a sleeping bag for the night, food and water. The nearest sources are indicated in the bivouacs. Please note that the availability of water, depending on the flow rate, is not always guaranteed.

  • Pian Vadà mt. 1711
    There are two buildings: the unmanaged shelter, open only on request and a small, always open winter bivouac (with 3 beds represented by a simple wooden bunk bed). To access the unmanaged Refuge, a reservation must be made and forwarded to the Park Authority at least three days in advance of the use date (even with the ON-LINE booking form); keys could be picked up at the Body Offices in Vogogna or at the "La Baita" bar restaurant in Pian Cavallo. It should be noted that in winter the Colle - Pian Puzzo road is closed to vehicular traffic and therefore it takes about 3.30 hours of walking to reach Pian Vadà with snow from Colle.
    For information and communications to the Park Authority: Ph. +39 0324/87540 (from Monday to Friday, office hours).

Vada' Bivouac

Winter estate Pian Vadà

  • Colma di Premosello mt. 1728
    It is the "western gate" of the Val Grande. It is the border between two worlds: the noises and firms of the Ossola Valley and the silence of the Val Grande.
    • Steep path from Colloro - alpe Lut 2,30h.
    • Beds n° 5 / 7 (plank)
    • Water availability (outdoor fountain)
Colma Bivouac

  • Alpe Ragozzale mt. 1906
    It is a mountain pasture at the head of the wild valley. Nearby the mountaineers have opened a "door" in the rock to let the cows pass. Getting there is still an adventure today.
    • Long and very difficult path from Trontano, 5h, difference in height 1390 mt. Difficulty level EE.
    • Beds n° 5 / 7 (planks and camping beds)
    • Water availability (50mt downstream of the bivouac)
Ragozzale Bivouac

  • Alpe Scaredi mt. 1841
    It is the "eastern gate" of the upper Val Grande, its easiest access. Great landscapes, beautiful mountains and the distant Mount Rosa.
    • Wide and easy mule track from Val Loana, 2h.
    • Beds n° 10 / 12 (plank) in the bivouac; 15 beds in the near stud
    • Water availability (fountain)
Scaredi Bivouac

  • Bocchetta di Campo mt. 1994
    The refuge was built in 1897 by CAI Verbano as a shelter along the "Sentiero Bove" route, circumnavigation of the Pogallo ridges. It was recovered by the Park: one part is always open for hikers, another part is reserved for surveillance and scientific research. It is the "wild heart" of the Val Grande.
    • Difficult path from Val Loana 3,30h.
    • Beds n° 10 / 12 (plank)
    • Water availability 150 mt below in the Alpe Campo direction
Bivouac Bocchetta di Campo

  • Alpe Pian di Boit mt. 1122
    Place of rest along the crossing of Val Pogallo, once frequented by lumberjacks and people on a pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Re in Valle Vigezzo.
    • Very demanding path from Cicogna 3,30h or from Finero 4,30h.
    • Beds n° 4 / 6 (plank)
    • Water availability (fountain)
    • There is no wood stove but a fireplace
Bivouac Alpe Pian di Boit

  • Alpe Bondolo mt. 1572
    From Valle del Basso, still frequented by the Vigezzini mountaineers, the path leading to the bivouac branches off, a resting place along the ascent to Bocchetta di Vald.
    • Very demanding path from Crotte (Val Loana) 4h.
    • Beds n° 25 (plank)
    • Water availability 50 mt downstream (stream)
Alpe Bondolo Bivouac

  • Alpe in la Piana mt. 959
    (3 new huts)
    Place of rest along the crossing Premosello (Valle Ossola) - Malesco (Valle Vigezzo) which represents the most complete and famous excursion in the heart of the valley. The path has some challenging sections.
    • Long path, from Fondo li Gabbi (Malesco) 5h, from Colloro (Premosello) 6h.
    • Difficulty level E
    • Beds n° 10 / 15 for each hut (plank)
    • Water availability (fountain)
Bivouacs Alpe in la Piana

  • Alpe Mottac mt. 1690
    In a panoramic position along the ridge that from Cima Testa di Menta descends to the Val Gabbio and In la Piana; it is included in the general oriented reserve. Part of the building recovered from the Park is always open for hikers; the other is used as a guesthouse, for researchers and scholars. Next to it, there is the cabin reserved for surveillance.
    • Path: from Alpe Ragozzale 2h, from Alpe In la Piana 2h .
    • Beds n° 6 / 8 (plank)
Bivouac Alpe Mottac

Alpe Vald Bivouac

  • Corte Buè mt. 888 ("Serena Bivouac")
    Place of rest along the "high" route to/from Orfalecchio, and along the various hiking trails of Bassa Val Grande (Bignugno, Ompio, Basseno, Velina, Colma di Vercio). Corte is strongly inhabited and exploited by Rovegno and Bracchio mountaineers and by lumberjacks. Now the main access has become the easy path that, from Ruspesso (Ompio) leads to Buè in about 1.30h. New bivouac created by the Val Grande Excursion Group and made available to hikers through an agreement with the Val Grande National Park.
    • Beds n. 4/6 (plank)
    • Water availability (fountain)
Corte Buè m 888 (Serena Bivouac)

  • Alpe Straolgio mt. 1803
    The Alpe Straolgio could be reached in about 3h from Val Loana, passing through Scaredi and then following a mule track to the right which leads to the chapel of Terza (1859 mt). From it, a good path recently placed and marked rises diagonally and in the open environment, there is the southern slope of Cimone di Straolgio. At an altitude of 1920 m it starts to descend following the wrinkles of the mountain and leads to Alpe Straolgio.
    • Beds: 2 (bunk beds)
    • Water availability: stream before the Alp
    • Emergency bivouac without furniture
    • There is no wood stove
Alpe Straolgio mt. 1803

Other bivouacs

Ossola and Vigezzo (VB)
  • C.F.S. Val Gabbio Bivouac
    Ph. +39 0323/878802

  • Alpe Pozzolo Bivouac
    Beura Cadezza
    Ph. +39 0324/36101

  • Alpe Corte di Sopra Bivouac
    Beura Cadezza
    Ph. +39 0324/36101

  • Cedo Bivouac
    Santa Maria Maggiore
    Ph. +39 0324/94213 - C.A.I. Ph. +39 0324/94737

  • Alpe Cortechiuso Bivouac
    Finero di Malesco
    Ph. +39 0324/92261

  • Alpe Rina Bivouac
    Municipality of Trontano
    Ph. +39 0324-37021
Alpe Gabbio Bivouac

Cannobina (VB)
  • Alpe Uovo Bivouac
    Cursolo Orasso
    Ph. +39 0323/77987 - +39 3661986381 (Mauro Branca)

  • Ricovero della Fulca Chapel
    Falmenta - Gurro
    Ph. +39 0323/76100 - +39 3661986381 (Mauro Branca)

  • Alpe Fornà Bivouac
    Ph. +39 0323/77106 - +39 3661986381 (Mauro Branca)

  • Alpe Lidesh
    Ph. +39 0323/76100 - +39 3661986381 (Mauro Branca)
  • Bivacco Alpe Curgei
    Ph. +39 0323/494101

  • Bivacco di Orfalecchio
    San Bernardino Verbano
    Ph. +39 0323/571503

  • Bivacco di Velina Baserga
    (unkept, always open)
    Ph. +39 338/2625350 (Piero Molinari, Ass. Amici delle Tre Veline)
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